BYOC (Bring Your Own Container)

In by Dylan Woods

Day 35

Ditch the Disposables

Did you know that packaging accounts for nearly one-quarter of the materials that reach our landfills each year?

Leave a few reusable containers in the office and the car to use on your next trip to the supermarket. Cotton bags are perfect for produce and freshly baked bread. Glass jars are great for grabbing bulk foods like beans, nuts, grains, pastas, spices and snacks—hitting up the bulk-goods section saves money and eliminates excess packaging!

Make sure to label the tare (or weight) of your empty jars and cotton bags—you can weigh them at home or make it your first stop at the grocery store. Once you’ve filled your containers with your bulk product, remember to write down the item number, too. The extra bit of effort upfront will make checkout a cinch.