Check For Leaks

In by Dylan Woods

Day 47

Lose the Leaks

Putting an end to household leaks is a great way to conserve water!

To check for minor leaks in your toilet, first remove the tank lid. The water in the tank should always be at least an inch below the top of the toilet’s overflow tube. If it’s any higher, water is leaking down the tube.

Flapper valves are also a common cause of leaks. When a toilet flushes, the flapper valve lifts, allowing water to rush into the bowl. The flapper closes after the toilet flushes and the tank refills.

If the flapper doesn’t have a solid seal, water could leak into the toilet bowl. To test for a flapper valve leak, place a dye tablet or a few drops of food coloring in the tank. If you later see the dyed water in the toilet bowl, you know the flapper valve is leaking.