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In by Dylan Woods

Day 13

I’m on Team Clean

A recent study by 5 Gyres reported that more than 5 trillion pieces of plastic are floating in the ocean.

It can be tempting to drop that snack wrapper or soda can when you’re walking and there’s no trash can in sight, but litter in the street often ends up in our ocean. When you’re walking, hold onto your trash until you find an appropriate place to discard it; and if you see litter on the ground, pick it up.

Stick it in the nearest recycling or trash bin, or keep a small bag on hand if you’re in an area where you know garbage cans are scarce. Always wash your hands or carry hand sanitizer with you to ensure you’re just picking up litter and not any unwanted germs.

The Litterati campaign tracks where trash is found across the globe. Join the #Litterati movement by snapping a photo of the litter you pick and sharing it via the Litterati app.