Challenge A Friend

In by Dylan Woods

Day 24

Challenge A Friend

Congratulations! You are halfway through the #48DaysOfBlue challenge.

Another way to make an impact is to recruit a friend or family member to participate in challenges along with you!

Life’s balance here on Earth isn’t just unique—it’s also quite delicate. For much of its occupational history, humanity has tested the natural limits of our planet. Time and again, the planet has prevailed, but only recently have we begun to pay attention to the change we’ve effected.

Climate change has put 75 percent of the ocean’s coral reefs at risk. Pollution has created aquatic “dead zones” and a swirling patch of garbage in the Pacific nearly twice the size of Texas. And, to meet an ever-increasing demand, we’ve already depleted 30 percent of the world’s fisheries.

That’s pretty intense. Maybe enough to send you reeling into an endless Netflix binge. But before you and your pint of Ben & Jerry’s give in to a reality-dodging retreat under the covers, consider this: there’s still time to turn the tides. So, let’s focus on the positive.

By choosing to become a part of the 48 Days of Blue movement, you’ve taken a first, very important step! This movement is about more than just conservation; it’s about connecting a community of change-makers. Whether you’re down the street or continents away, our collective impact is equal, our challenges are similarly difficult and our successes will be felt and celebrated together, loudly!

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