Meatless Monday

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Day 10

Make It Meatless

According to the UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education, a vegetarian diet could reduce water consumption by about 58 percent per person in the U.S.

Committing to going meatless even just once a week can make a big difference, and meatless meals don’t have to be boring. You can find full-flavor vegetarian recipes for almost anything—from chili and soup to stir-fry, pasta and even tacos.

If you’re concerned about protein, look for recipes with nuts, seeds, beans or tofu—all are great sources of protein. Even avocados make a nice addition. Though technically a fruit, avocados pack almost double the protein of most vegetables, as well as an arsenal of essential amino acids.

Check out this exclusive meatless recipe from Dogfish Head Brewery’s new restaurant, Chesapeake & Maine:

#MeatlessMonday recipe: Coconut curried cauliflower and carrots