Pack a Waste-Free Lunch

In by Dylan Woods

Day 46

Pack Like a Pro

Did you know that less than 14 percent of the plastic packaging we use gets recycled?

Most modern, on-the-go lunches contain a lot of waste, from disposable utensils and paper napkins to prepackaged snacks, juice boxes, canned sodas and sandwich bags.

If overhauling your entire lunch is too daunting, take it one step at a time. Start by investing in a reusable lunch box, and go from there. Next, opt for cloth napkins and silverware. Then, ditch the disposable sandwich bags and invest in reusable containers to pack your snacks. Your lunch will be waste-free before you know it!

Already packing a waste-free lunch? Encourage others to join you. If your office doesn’t offer recycling and composting, talk with an office manager about what you can do to make your workspace more eco-friendly!