Raise The Thermostat

In by Dylan Woods

Day 20

Turn Up the Heat

Go ahead and crank up the thermostat in the summer, especially when you’re out of the house—you’ll save energy and money!

Like raising your thermostat in the summer, lowering it in the winter has the same benefits for saving energy and costs on heating your home. Sixty-eight degrees tends to be the rule of thumb while you’re up and about, but you can set the thermostat even lower while you’re asleep or out of the house.

Did you know that the location of your thermostat can actually affect its efficiency? Make sure to read the manual before installing. Most thermostats perform more accurately when they’re away from direct sunlight and drafts. A furniture-free area is also important to ensure natural air currents aren’t blocked.

This summer, set your thermostat to 68 degrees to save energy! A few degrees can make a difference! http://ow.ly/4mRpua #48DaysofBlue