Skip the Straw

In by Michael Gyura

Day 3

Skip It, Skip It Good

Did you know that Americans use (and throw away) about 500 million plastic straws each day? That’s enough plastic to fill 127 school buses!

Still want to sip that soda through a straw? Or maybe your kiddo needs the help? No problem. Ditch the disposables, and try a reusable glass straw instead—some companies, like Simply Straws, even offer a bendy option!

If you want to make an even bigger impact, encourage local restaurants and bars to go straw-less with you. When you’re out to eat and notice a restaurant serving drinks with straws included, have a quick chat with a manager. Ask them to help support the strawless cause by bringing drinks to the table sans straw!

This simple switch could keep a considerable amount of plastic from our waterways.

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