Trash Journal

In by Dylan Woods

Day 5

Waste is Wack

As you go through your day, take inventory of everything you throw away. Write each item down, no matter how small. At the end of the day, note what you could have kept out of the waste stream.

Could you have taken your morning coffee in a reusable cup? Maybe your vegetable shavings from dinner could have been composted. Did you recycle that soda bottle? Could a linen napkin replace the single-use paper alternative?

We’re all accountable for what we let go to waste. Recognizing the areas where we can improve and making incremental change is a monumental step toward a waste-free lifestyle (or at least one with less waste).

Tomorrow, challenge yourself to shorten that list.

4 items in my trash journal: socks (don't ask), piece of masking tape, small candy wrapper, & plastic wrap from a magazine #48DaysofBlue